Access equipment / Fixed ladder systems

SKB Fixed ladder

SKB Fixed ladder

SKB Fixed ladder

Stationary access to buildings or machines up to 25 m high, can also be used and is approved as an escape route.

  • For stationary installation, on buildings either for maintenance according to DIN 18 799-1 or as emergency ladder system according to DIN 14 094-1 or as machine access according to EN ISO 14122-4.
  • Safety cage as a safety system, can be used with any standard.
  • From 3.00 m a fall protection is required.
  • Ladder width: 600 mm.
  • Wall brackets with different wall distances up to 600 mm selectable.
  • The maximum distance between wall brackets is 2.00 m.
  • Each ladder section must be mounted with at least 2 wall brackets.
  • Safety barriers, access guarding and platforms can be selected according to requirements.
  • Ladder versions from 10 m up to 25 m require a rest platform every 6 m.

Model Item no. Description
Steighöhe bis 4,70 m 40147

Leiterlänge inkl. Ausstiegsholm: 5,30 m

Steighöhe bis 5,60 m 40156

Leiterlänge inkl. Ausstiegsholm: 6,70 m

Steighöhe bis 6,50 m 40165

Leiterlänge inkl. Ausstiegsholm: 7,60 m

Steighöhe bis 7,40 m 40174

Leiterlänge inkl. Ausstiegsholm: 8,50 m

Steighöhe bis 8,50 m 40185

Leiterlänge inkl. Ausstiegsholm: 9,60 m

Steighöhe bis 9,30 m 40193

Leiterlänge inkl. Ausstiegsholm: 10,40 m

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